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  1. UK
    IX50 delivered in march 2022, now 5000 miles on the clock. Recalled once for software update on November. 2022 December 23 received Drivetrain warning while driving to family on Christmas Eve so called assistance. BMW tech came and run diagnostics and 'couldn't identify the source of the error'...
  2. USA
    Does anyone know what’s really happening RE; IX production? I ordered my IX on 3-7-22. I’ve yet to receive any notification from BMW, no acknowledgment no nothing. I call BMW genius and they told me that I should’ve received it within two days?? I was also told by BMW genius that there weren’t...
  3. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I have a fully loaded IX50. It seems like the remote 3d view (on demand) in the My BMW App is missing (or should it be missing??). Recently the alarm went off and I almost immidiately received a notification in the app containing both a 3d view and videos from all surrounding cameras. But...
1-3 of 3 Results