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  1. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    If my only purpose to lease the car is because of the $7500 credit. My question is : 1. How soon can I get rid of the lease and buy the car? Can I buy out the lease immediately after the lease contract comes into effect, say maybe after the first billing cycle? 2. I have to pay the lease...
  2. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    For those in the US who have recently done leasing or are about to do it, what is the prevailing APR (or money factor) you're getting offered by BMW? I just got a quote, and the interest rate seems rather high: money factor: 0.00225 -> APR: 5.4%. The BMW website itself has an offer of APR around...
  3. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    I have thoroughly enjoyed following everyone on here since joining earlier this year. Back in early May I put my initial deposit down for a fairly fully loaded iX xDrive50 at my local dealership (Michigan, USA). I knew that it was going to take some time before my order went into production...
  4. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I have heard rumors of people getting preferential rates who pre-ordered their IX before January 2022. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I had my local dealer in SOCAL who we've bought 20 cars from run rates and on a $99k car they are asking for $7,500 total drive off and $1800+ a month...
  5. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Which one would you prefer based on factors around IX? And what are your thoughts on BMW select (balloon payment finance option)?
  6. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I received information from bmw dealer that my car is now in production today. To all the people who are getting the deliveries, Any idea how long is it taking to finish production? Also, any updates on lease quotes and incentives in US?
1-6 of 6 Results