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  1. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Have had the iX50 (Sport package with 21" wheels) for 2 weeks and 1000 miles and have compiled real world efficiency analytics using the information from the app and the dash displays. I've had 2 "trips" over 100 miles and here is their specific data: 1. 201 miles driven; 49.3 MPH average...
  2. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Besides the listed differences in range does the various size of wheels (20" vs 21" vs 22") change the ride characteristics much? My general understanding is larger wheels make for a less comfortable ride. Does that hold true for the iX? The basic Shadowline package is the only way to get 20"...
  3. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Ok, so I have an ix 40, just covered 1,000 miles and here in the Uk thing are still pretty chilly, but have managed to get 3.1m/kw out of the car so far providing a range circa 220miles.. trying to drive sensibly and sticking to 70 on the motorway, wondering if anyone else is keeping and eye on...
1-3 of 3 Results