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  1. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Eight months old and 6000 mile all four IX alloys appear to be defected , it is the plastic elements in question the actual alloy is pristine. Anyone else experienced this issue ?
  2. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Hi fellow iX owners/future owners, I’m sure I’m as exciting as most of you to get our cars. As a longtime BMW enthusiast (This is my 7th BMW), I’m planning out mods before delivery. I’ve had 2 i3’s before this and obviously those tires were too tall/narrow to have any reasonable aftermarket...
  3. BMW iX General Discussion Forum
    Besides the listed differences in range does the various size of wheels (20" vs 21" vs 22") change the ride characteristics much? My general understanding is larger wheels make for a less comfortable ride. Does that hold true for the iX? The basic Shadowline package is the only way to get 20"...
1-3 of 3 Results