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2023 BMW X1 23i petrol vs iX1 EV comparison (Autogefühl)

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Autogefühl has released a very thorough review of the X1 where they compare it to the iX1.

00:00 all-new BMW X1 comes as ICE and EV!
00:15 X1 M Sport in Storm Bay Metallic
00:55 Length, wheels and aerodynamics
02:55 Suspension
03:05 X1 X-Line in Cape York Green
03:43 X1 X-Line in Utah Orange
04:20 iX1 (EV) M Sport in Frozen Grey
06:13 iX1 X-Line in Mineral White
06:50 Interior: key fob and doors
07:33 M Sport interior
07:52 Perforated Sensatec seats
09:32 Cockpit overview
10:29 BMW OS8 infotainment
13:54 Digital instruments and HUD
14:38 Middle console
15:52 Rear seats
18:33 X-Line interior
19:19 Brown Sensatec and Eucalyptus wood
19:51 Trunk / boot area
21:05 Trunk / boot iX1
21:16 Engines: petrol vs PHEV vs diesel vs EV
22:25 Driving BMW X1 23i petrol
23:30 German Autobahn acceleration
24:35 X1 vs 2-Series Active Tourer?
25:56 Noise insulation
26:35 Comparison predecessor
27:15 Motorway high speed driving
28:26 Driving modes
29:58 Comparison Audi Q3 and MB GLA
31:30 Countryside driving
33:50 Boost mode
34:36 Hardware vs software
36:49 Consumption / fuel economy 23i petrol
37:03 Driving BMW iX1 (EV)
37:47 Iconic sounds
39:10 Recuperation modes
40:55 Driving fun EV vs ICE
45:50 EV efficiency
47:09 Real-world EV range iX1
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