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A new error message

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so I found this message in the My BMW app the other day and scheduled a service appointment for Monday. My hope is that there is a software refresh that may address these issues though the car seems to be functioning ok but because we are Beta testers of these devices we don’t really know which problem is hardware vs software.
My car is presently running 11/2022.64 and all indications from the car and app is that there is no new update at present but I’ve noticed that several contributors to this board have discussed getting dealer-installed updates which may or may not be generally promoted by BMW. I’m just wondering if as of this date (5/13/23) any of you readers have installed a later version. I’m assuming that there may be different software versions based on the model we drive. Mine is the M60. Thanks in advance for any inputs that I can use when going to the SA who really has minimal knowledge about these devices.
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That march 28 error has been going around.
It’s just in the app - the car doesn’t complain. Seems like a temporary bug in the app. Lots of people even with diesel or gas cars are getting the same error.
I had that error showing on the app for about 24 hours. Disappeared from all views and history.
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