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Late in December we got our BMW IX50 in mineral white with loft interior. I considered Suite Amido, but were "bold" and went for the blue ich loft interior and after i tried a IX50 with the Suite amido i am so happy that i chose the Loft interior, so much cozy in the cabin and way more comfortable seats. The Suite Amido also look a bit blue/grey ich just like the Loft interior. When the Loft seems so blue in pictures and Suite Amido looks black.

After 1000km i can say it is an amazing car! It is so comfortable and silent even on winter tires, it will be interesting to hear the difference 21" wheels and the 22"on summer tires. Would recommend this car 10 out of 10 times.. A bit expensive however it is so worth it, waiting for I4 M50 to come very soon also hopefully it’s almost as good!

Love it :love:

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