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Had a really weird thing happen tonight. Parked my car and plugged into a public charging station. I think perhaps my car my have locked, and then I was fiddling around with the charger and I think I set the alarm off. At this point I had my Apple Key in my iPhone wallet and the NFC key card. I could not get the alarm to turn off. I started the car multiple times, but the car would keep alarming, then the alarm would turn off for about 10 seconds and it would start again. Eventually I started the car and drove all the way home with the alarm blaring and the headlights blinking. I was able to get the physical key and unlock the door and that finally stopped the alarm. This really concerns me because if I wasn't near my house, I could have had the alarm going off for a long time with no clear way to turn it off. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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