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Aloha Everyone,

We are told we were the first in Hawaii, we made the decision entirely based on data and no direct experience with the iX other than the short and square 15 minute test drive prior to signing the docs. However it is worth noting we have owned a 3 series Sports-wagon and 6 BMW motorcycles over the years. An R1200GS still provides reliable commuting miles and plenty of smile in the twisties. No dealer on our island. We are trusting the Engineers behind the iX and the processes in place at BMW. We feel that every decision we make steers our global direction.
We feel that the iX is our tiny nudge towards a sustainable future, we have to admit that it appears as if there is a reasonable level of pleasure to be had, oh well.
We commute together to minimize our impact, and the xDrive50 certainly reduces our footprint vastly in comparison to the alternatives that fit our lifestyle.
I wish the Air Suspension gave us a bit more clearance when needed, but it suffices as it stands.
We will do our best to update the community with our feedback and any lessons learned.

We suspect and forecast the life of our iX as follows:

This iX will be carrying canoes, 3 dogs (2 Afghans and a whippet mix), surfboards, mountain bikes, and many cold drinks in large coolers.
This iX will be driving on mountain twisties, gravel roads, fire roads, sand, dirt, rocks and commuting everyday under our many rainbows.
This iX will be taking over most adventures from our well-loved and cared-for 2005LR3
This iX will also replace our 2014 Prius, our beloved commuter and grocery shopper.

Wheel Car Sky Tire Vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Sky Tire Car
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