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American xDrive50 Wheel Options

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Besides the listed differences in range does the various size of wheels (20" vs 21" vs 22") change the ride characteristics much? My general understanding is larger wheels make for a less comfortable ride. Does that hold true for the iX? The basic Shadowline package is the only way to get 20" wheels with 324 miles of range. Going to the BMW i Signature Blue or Sport packages changes the wheels to 21" (305 miles range) or 22" (315 miles of range). Given that I live in Michigan I think I would prefer All-Season tires. I'm unsure of how easy it will be to find a variety of alternate tires since the ones on the iX have special foam inserts to help with road noise. I have no idea how common that is in tires. I am very interested in the iX. This will be my first BMW and first electric vehicle. I'm just trying to understand if the sizes will change the ride comfort much and if the max range between the three sizes really matters that much. If I get the Sport package will I be fine with the 21"? Is it worth going to the 22" wheels for the slightly better range estimate even though they are available with performance tires only? Thank you for reading this and I appreciate how helpful everyone is on this forum.

What wheel option did you choose, or would you choose, for your iX and why?
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I test drove one with 21s and was smooth as butter. That's what I ordered as I didn't care for the look of the 20s. I bought a 2021 X7 with 21s but test drove one with 22s and noticed no difference. I think the air suspension of both cars does impressive work. They actually feel very similar on the road to me.
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It's only in a Tesla where the choice of wheel diameter makes such a major impact on driving dynamics. Their suspensions are wholly inadequate. BMW knows how to make a proper suspension. With any normal brand, tires are the icing on the cake. In Tesla world, the icing is the cake.
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