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(Australia) Make Sure Your Car Is Activated with Chargefox

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Just in case you run into this ...

Like the person in this thread:

I went to charge my IX after a week or so to find that my VIN was not registered with Chargefox. If it's your first charge it's a good idea to have a credit card registered with your Chargefox app just in case your car is not recognised.

I'm not sure whether this is BMW or Chargfox that did not register my car. Not that it matters - I sent an email to Chargefox and they have now activated my 5-year subscription and refunded the charging sessions I made last weekend.
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Thanks for the heads up. How’s the car been going so far?
The car is awesome - we've done around 3000KM now of very smooth and relaxing driving. There are more settings that I have the time to fully discover.

Getting used to the location(s) of chargers, some of which are quite contested at times - there needs to be more chargers, including on popular routes such as the Hume Highway.
Anyone know if the free Chargefox charging only apply to DC Rapid chargers or equally apply to the normal AC chargers? TIA
I'm pretty certain it applies to both, although I'm struggling to think of when / if we have used a Chargefox AC charger. Test it out - cheap to find out!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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