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Battery life is terrible

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This is a great looking and feature packed car but the battery and the estimated mileage is terrible. I am in the UK and have the IX40, fully loaded with 22 inch wheels. This battery is claimed to do 260 miles and during normal weather, when fully charged, it only states 195 - 200 miles and during the snow in London in mid December the batter would only charge to 175 miles. I pre-condition the car every morning and my daily drive to and thro from work would be 30 miles, so lets round up to 35 miles max. Theoretically this should last all 5 working days, but after 3 days I'm down to 20 predicted miles so have to plug in again. Where has my other 100 miles disappeared to ? I have just come out of BMW M850i and filling this up with petrol lasted 10 days.
I would never recommend this car for the battery life, its terrible. This car was sold on the amount of fuel you save and I feel I am paying more for electricity then I did for petrol.
Buyer beware....
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Had my iX 40 now for three weeks, drove approx 500 miles, weather not particularly cold for this time of year e.g. 6 to 10 degrees. Averaging 51 kWH per 100 miles. So gives circa 150 miles. Car goes back to BMW tomorrow to check whether it’s faulty or not. If I’m only getting 150 Vs 260 or even let’s say 220 factoring in cold / miss daisy style driving then that for me is mis-selling - nothing short. The manufacturers must be able to model what actual real world usage will be ! Ps it’s a lovely car, but perhaps better calling it a brick on wheels ;)
iX40 in UK here. Just 307 miles in Feb so far over 12 trips, mostly local short trips but one longer trip of 240 mile round trip, mix of motorway and cross country. Worst 41 kWH per 100 miles and best 31 kWH per 100 miles, climate set to 21c with 2x heated seats plus heated steering wheel and massage on longer trip. Not set to efficient mode at all. Don’t try to hypermile, I just drive and enjoy…
Have to agree with EJ on this. I’m also on Octopus at 8 pence for 5 hours at night with two EV’s. Each to their own, but I don’t find people disliking the iX in the flesh and what is there to compare at the moment from an all round package. Looking at an iX50 and opting for an i3s is an interesting shift and not one I would look at as the i3 just wouldn’t work for us and the hooch travelling to southern Spain from the UK 😂 The iX soaks up the miles without missing a beat. The market is what it is, we can’t change it or influence it. Cars depreciate, I suck it up and enjoy the car, life is too short…
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I have no issue with the 40 range in the UK. Several 300+ mile trips each way per year and usually one trip to South of Spain at 750 miles each way on the Spainish roads. Regarding degradation of 10%, my 4 year old e-tron has not noticeably degraded anywhere near that much so I don’t factor deg at all… iX 50 would have been another £20k. I just can’t justify that. Non air suspension suits me just fine on the 40 and it is plenty fast enough on our congested roads.
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Sorry, folks, I was not aware that it was that much more expensive. I assumed, like with Tesla, the difference between a smaller and larger battery would be $15k or less.
No worries, it not just the size of the battery that adds the price, also air suspension and IAS…
Those number look great. I’m def not getting that with all the heated seats/wheel off. I’m wondering if the B&W sound system plays a part in this as it has 20+ speakers to power.
You have seen my figures on the other thread re: iX40 real world range… I also have B&W, massage seat, heated panels - the lot. I have the cabin heater set to 20.5C heated steering wheel and 2x front seat heated. I usually pre-condition cabin approx 15 minutes before each journey… Two occupants and a 35kg dog in the back. Some of my short trips exceed 3mi/kWh just now and most in the mid to high 2mi/kWh plus. Not too many hills here, so mostly fairly level with a mix of country roads and some dual carriageway per trip with each trip no more than 10 miles.
Drove an iX (50) for the first time today. We had the car for a few hours up in the Lake District. I’d been thinking about an iX 40 due to the cost of the 50 in the UK, but put off by some people getting miles per kWh in the 1.x range.

We did 4 journeys over the few hours 16, 18, 29, 5 miles in length, with a mix of 30,40,70 mph roads. The car was not pre-conditioned for any journey and we used the cabin heater, heated seats, heated steering wheel, radiant heating, rear window heater throughout the journey as it was raining and fairly cool around 10c.

In the end we used 23% of the battery, which I think is 3.11 m/kWh? Is this a good figure for the iX50 and would the iX40 be much worse ?

Thank you
IX40 here. 300+ mile trip today. 90% motorway. Fully loaded with 4 x adults and luggage to the roof including the kitchen sink! A/C on, radiant panels on, Kept between 75-80mph most of time. Mix of rain and sun with temps 12-14C. Midlands to Cornwall. Worst leg was 2.5mi/kWh best leg was 3.08mi/kWh. 100% SOC at start. First charge after 100 miles with preconditioned battery, pulled 118kW at IONITY charger at start of charge, so 30 mins for brunch was perfect… No regrets with the range of the 40 in the South of the UK. And trips to southern Spain is fairly painless…
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