Battery startup Our Next Energy is going to be taking out the battery of an iX and replacing it with one of their Gemini batteries. They claim that the iX will be able to have a range of 600 miles with the new battery.

That tech is ONE’s Gemini battery, something the company refers to as a “range-extended dual-chemistry battery.” ONE explains that the battery uses two separate chemical formulas, both based on lithium-ion battery chemistry but each optimized for a different use-case, to store more power per cubic inch than other battery tech.

At the same time, ONE says the Gemini battery uses less lithium, graphite, nickel, and cobalt. This claim, however, doesn’t say what it’s less than — a traditional single-chemistry lithium ion battery from the same car (say, the stock battery from an iX) or a battery capable of the same theoretical maximum range.

That 600-mile range is, of course, still theoretical — until the end of this year, when the prototype BMW is expected to be finished. The company claims that the mileage figure is the result of computer simulations specific to the iX, but that testing hasn’t yet begun with Gemini tech in the chassis itself.

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