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A bunch of options for the BMW have reportedly leaked online. Which ones from this list are you most interested. For me it's the interior camera and personal copilot.

The list includes:
  • Standard 20", optional four types 21" (three on the lower model) and two types 22".
  • Soft close doors
  • Thermal insulation for the windscreen
  • Sky Lounge roof
  • 4-zone A/C
  • Interior camera
  • "Personal CoPilot", "Natural Interaction".
  • HK audio standard, B&W optional.
  • Active Steering and 2-axle air suspension (late availability on the lower model)
  • Fully Autonomous Driving (not on the lower model)
  • The top level iX will start production in 03/22. Besides differences in power it will have 21" wheels, Active Steering and air suspension as standard.
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