Jonny Smith got his hands on an iX and put together a great review. He was clear to emphasize how "relaxed" and "refined" it is to drive but is also confused with things like why it can't be ordered as a 7-seater or why it doesn't have a frunk.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:50 BMW i4
1:39 Dimensions
2:00 Frontal design
3:17 BMW iNext
3:27 Side design
5:12 BMW iX3
5:45 Difference between iX40 and iX50
7:27 Screen wash weird feature
7:40 Audi A2
9:21 Onboard curved screen infotainment
10:16 Real world range
11:40 Rear end design
13:08 Boot space
14:47 Driving impressions
17:09 Charging stats
20:11 Cabin design
20:32 Polygonal weird steering wheel
22:33 Flat floor spaciousness
23:25 Magic frosted glass pano roof
25:03 Rear cabin
28:04 Verdict
29:38 Supported by Continental Tyres