BMW has revealed new updates for the iX for Spring 2023.

BMW 7 Series, X7, and iX: control parking maneuvers from your iPhone.

The extended Parking Assistant Professional available for the 7 Series, X7, and iX from spring 2023 brings greater ease when parking and maneuvering. Here, BMW employs innovative digital technology to make further advances in the area of automated driving and parking. The extended Parking Assistant Professional gives drivers the ability to guide their BMW into and out of parking spaces and carry out more complex maneuvering from outside the vehicle via the My BMW app on their smartphone (available with My BMW App Version 2.1 2.x).

This functionality facilitates the use of tight or difficult-to-access parking spaces. For example, the driver can pause a parking process that is already underway, exit the vehicle, and resume the maneuver while they monitor the area around the vehicle from outside. They can then also control the vehicle’s exit from the space from their iPhone using the Parking Assistant Professional.

Controlling the vehicle from outside is also possible for more extensive maneuvers using the Maneuver Assistant function included in the Parking Assistant Professional. Using the My BMW app, customers can control the vehicle from up to six meters away. The Maneuver Assistant can also record and store up to ten maneuvers at different locations, each covering a maximum distance of 200 meters and up to a combined total of 600 meters. When the vehicle returns to one of the stored starting points, the system performs all the driving tasks required to navigate the distance, including acceleration, braking, steering, and, if required, multiple direction and gear changes. And it can do so whether the driver remains inside the car or chooses to control the maneuver from outside using an iPhone.

BMW iX now with manual pre-conditioning for the high-voltage battery.

All model variants of the purely electric BMW iX will be equipped with a further developed version of the predictive heat management technology for the high-voltage battery from March 2023. As in the BMW i7, it will be possible to initiate pre-conditioning of the battery manually, when the navigation system's route guidance is not active. Pre-conditioning the battery prior to charging maximizes the charging rate when using a DC fast-charging station. Waste heat from the electric motors is used to adjust the temperature of the battery.

Highway Assistant will also be available on all iX models as part of the Driver Assistance Professional Package.

BMW Digital Key Plus with extended functions

In spring 2023, BMW Digital Key Plus, already available for many current BMW models, will gain new and enhanced functions. These will include automatic vehicle unlocking when approaching the car for owners of Samsung and Google smartphones running Android operating systems and the UWB (UltraWideband) chip.

BMW Digital Vehicle Access allows users to share their BMW Digital Key between Apple iPhones and Android smartphones for the first time. Shared BMW Digital Keys are also easier to activate in the vehicle. With the latest BMW software upgrade, a BMW Digital Key shared via smartphone can be activated directly in the vehicle by entering an activation code. Previously, a conventional vehicle key had to be located in the passenger compartment.