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BMW iX vs Lucid Air Touring

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Test drove a Lucid for the first time today. What a disappointment. I cut the test drive short after only ten minutes.

First off I should say we were in a lower end Lucid, not a grand touring model. Still, it was a 117k sedan.

The audio system did not compare to my HK, no seat shaking Bass.

No massage seats.

The roof let the heat of the sun cook my head.

They had swift mode disabled, so it may not be a fair comparison, but my iX is a rocket ship compared to what I felt on todays Lucid test drive.

The software was buggy. We were unable to use the GPS to guide us back to the showroom as it locked up and reset three times.

The tablet in the center is supposed to go up and down, but it was binding and had to be helped to extended down after being retracted up.

The software locked up when trying to remove my phone from bluetooth. My wife was finally able to get the phone removed after 5 minutes of two resets and then a minute delay.

My wife does not like having to use the tablet to do everything from adjusting the seats to opening the glove box. Also she hit her head getting in the back seat.

Overall it was a pretty awful experience and there is no way I would consider Lucid after that. Now, if I had been driving a Honda, and jumped into the Lucid, I might have been impressed.

But coming from the iX, there was no comparison. The iX handles better, is faster, has a better sound system, more comfortable seats, more responsive interface... all for 20k less?!? The lucid has more range... maybe. And consider that you can get a loaded i7 for the cost of a Lucid, and I think I need to sell my lucid stock.
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To be fair to Lucid, they have only a limited amount of test vehicles that get beaten and groped over and over. I drove the Lucid Dream Edition for a few hours, and must say that the power delivery is brutal! The consumption is also amazing...driving pretty sporty I was using around 20kW per 100km's...didn't think that was possible!
That being said, the extended windshield does bake the roof area...I was a hothead while The software had some things missing, but overall it's a decent car for a start up company...albeit slightly overpriced.
Once getting back in the iX....yes! Everything is implemented better, as you stated, which should be expected though.
For the sake of my stock, I hope Lucid can get it together!
I own both an iX Xdrive50 and a Lucid Air GT. I love them both, but they are very different vehicles with different strengths. Obviously, the Air is a luxury sedan and not an SUV. And note I have the GT model, not the base model.

I have found the Lucid to be a masterpiece of design - it is the best car I have ever owned. I love the style and the capability of the car. The power of the GT is phenomenal. Even in the slowest mode, the Lucid will out accelerate nearly everything. It has about 820 hp (there are models with 1000 and 1200 hp if you like), and gobs of instant torque. My GT will EASILY outrun the ix - it's not even close. I find the sound system is excellent. I'm not one of those people that turns both the treble and the bass to 11, so to my ear the sound is perfect - not over boosted or artificially bass heavy as seems to be popular with some people. I have had zero problems with the software - I find it highly intuitive, easy to use. Everything is exactly where one would expect to find it. The iX is absurdly cumbersome in comparison, with dozens of "apps" that make it a treasure hunt to find simple settings. I've never had a single problem with the Lucid software, Bluetooth, car play, phone, or navigation. It's been flawless so far. And most important - it leaves the iX in the dust in one respect that is important to me - range. The Lucid is rated at 519 miles of range, and I find I can get 450+ miles or so in real world driving. I frequently drive 350 miles plus on highway trips, and I've never had to charge it on the road, ever. The iX is good for no more than 260 miles if you drive it at 80 MPH as I typically do. And the Lucid can recharge at 300kw or more. The Lucid also handles far better at high speed than the iX, and the one-pedal driving works perfectly 100% of the time. It's spectacular in my opinion.

Car & Driver rates the Lucid Air as their #1 choice for EV Luxury Sedan too.

Now, I have nothing against the iX. I love it too. It is more practical for driving around town, as it can hold more stuff, and I like sitting up high when driving in the city. The car has very brisk acceleration and has good enough range for anything other than 300-400 mile road trips. When I do those, several times a month, I just take the Lucid. The weakest part of the iX is the software. It is cumbersome to use and has several very odd limitations that I hope they will fix someday - like a single software option to stop charging, being able to set the default charge to 40 amps (instead of 32 or 48), and having the music pause once I get out of the car. I find the layout of the apps unintuitive but admit that's maybe just me.

Both are great cars. Maybe the Lucid is not for everyone, but for me, it is the perfect car and best I have ever owned. They are a young company and need to develop their service network. But for a brand-new company producing a very sophisticated car that sets the world standard in a number of ways, they did extremely well in my view. Compare the Lucid to any other first-year model from a brand-new company, and I think Lucid would easily come out on top.
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