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deliveries are now after 6/22
That's pretty nuts to think that they're sold out already. CarsDirect says that people who missed the first batch of orders for June 2022 can still have their iX's by Summer 2022 which is great.

BMW is playing catchup on the all-electric front. Numerous automakers already have long-range electric vehicles on sale and BMW is just joining the party with the iX. It may be BMW's latest take on a usable EV, but the all-electric SUV boasts some impressive figures and has garnered a lot of attention. According to BMW’s website, the German automaker has sold out of its allocation of iX SUVs that are going to be delivered by June 2022. If you didn’t put your name in the hat, you’ll have to wait until Summer 2022 to get your iX.

BMW didn’t state how many iX models it was planning to deliver next June, but we’re sure the automaker is happy to see all of its reservations be accounted for. Consumers were able to reserve an iX xDrive50 model by putting down a refundable deposit of $1,500. Shoppers that missed out on the June 2022 delivery, still have the opportunity to do the same thing for EVs that will be delivered by Summer 2022. Waiting a few months shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for shoppers that have been waiting years for BMW to come out to a rival to Tesla.
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