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I see that the configurator page for the iX has now been changed to reflect the changes others have reported on here. The 50 is only available in M Sport, 40 in Sport or M Sport, and the M60 not available at all!
All now come with the extra options others have mentioned at the new, higher pricing. Also, B&W is now not available!
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Yep I noticed that yesterday. Checked the configurator after hearing about the spec change issues reported on here.

If I want to keep the spec I ordered, the price goes up by about £8k. About £8k of stuff I didn't order, or want.

If BMW looks to impose the spec uplifts on my order I've got 3 options; argue, drop the spec from a 50 to a 40, or cancel the order entirely.

I don't want to drop the spec to a 40 as I chose the 50 specifically for its range.

Apparently the order has yet to be accepted by the factory though, so I'm probably screwed.
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