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Charging question

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It appears to me that I can select in the iX apps either 32 amp or 48 amp charging current limits. Why is this such a huge jump? I have a 40-amp charger. I think a 50-amp fuse on a 40-amp rated 220V outlet is very common, perhaps even standard in most homes. Why does the iX force me to choose between 32 and 48? I of course have to choose the 32-amp option, and that is much slower than the 40-amp charging I can do on my other EV. Is there any way to get 40 amp charging at home?
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One more question! Once I start charging, I can't find an easy way to just stop charging and disconnect the cable. If the charge session has, say, 5 hours to go, there is no obvious "STOP" button I can find. The only workaround I have found so far is to modify the charge limit from 80% to some value lower than the current state of charge. Then the iX says charging is complete and unlocks the cable. This seems like a strange workaround to have to do when all I want is to just stop charging. Any way to do this that I missed?
You didn't mention what type of EVSE you have, but many allow you to set the limit in the EVSE software, or actually on the EVSE itself. You can then just set the app to "Unlimited" (turn off the charge limit), and it will only deliver what the EVSE allows. And the car itself will really only draw what the circuit is capable of delivering. If you're using the Flexible Fast Charger that came with the car, it will only deliver 40A from a 50A circuit, even if you set the limit in the app to 48A. if you're using something like the Chargepoint Home Flex EVSE, you can set the charge limit in both the software and hardware - and again, turn off the charge limit in the app.

For question #2, generally if the car is unlocked you can just push the lock button on the charging cable and it will disconnect the circuit (might take a second or two).

If you have a NEMA 14-50 plug, Tom Moloughney is now a little more conservative with setting charge limits (and the general recommendation now is to hard-wire equipment), so using the 32A limit is not necessarily a bad thing:

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Thanks for the helpful reply! I have a Juicebox, and a Grizzle-E. The Juicebox has an app, but I never used it. The Grizzle-E is more of a dumb charger. They both work great with my Lucid Air, and I use the Lucid software to set all the charge details like current, start/stop time. I was thinking the car itself was the best place to set the charge details. I will try your suggestion of trying to charge at 48-amps and let the EVSE cap the output. I think the most elegant solution would be if BMW would just offer 40-amps as one of the options; that can't be that hard to support.

I'll also try just unlocking the cable - that seemed spooky to me, but I'll hold my breath and try it...
To stop charging prematurely and release the cable there’s an option in the ID8 Charging App.

Although for AC2 charging that normally stops charging and unlocks the cable temporarily when you unlock the vehicle. ?
I tried the release cable option, but the app tells me it is "not available" if the charging is not finished. I'll try just unlocking the car and manually unlocking the cable.
Hi, can anyone help. My BMW IX shows as 100% charged but only shows as 191 miles. Any idea why this might be the case? Thank you
Hi, can anyone help. My BMW IX shows as 100% charged but only shows as 191 miles. Any idea why this might be the case? Thank you
iX40 driven hard before charging? That might be about right....
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BMW iX xDrive40 Sport - just local normal driving. Charge overnight but only gives 191 miles and shows as 100% fully charged. Not sure why this is the case as only had the car for 2 months.
The official range for the iX40 fully charged is 220 miles. The car bases range estimates largely on previous driving sessions, so it may take a few charges to get more accurate estimates, but the difference in your results and the official number is on the order of 13%. Tires, speed, temperature and terrain elevation also make a difference in the estimates, as well as running accessories while stationary (0 miles per kwh). I'd suggest driving it normally and a few more charging sessions to see what your "real" range at 100% might be. And you know I assume that charging to 100% as a standard practice decreases battery capacity, although fine when you need the extra range.
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I know with Tesla, it was recommended to charge to 95%+ once in a while to "balance the pack" and also to bring it down to 5-10%, then fully charge every now and then to "recalibrate" the range estimate. Is this true for the iX as well?
Not necessary in the iX, and the only recommendations from BMW really are to not let it drop below 20% frequently, and not to charge it to 100% frequently. Battery longevity is still an unknown in these cars because they're so new, but presumably the standard Li-Ion recommendations still apply - frequent fast charging degrades the battery, long-term storage in extreme temperatures (cold or hot) degrades the battery, running frequently to zero or near zero degrades the battery, charging constantly to 100% degrades the battery, but how much and over what period, still a mystery, although BMW warranties 30% or less over 8 years.
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