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Daimler files patent for vehicle with docking range extender

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Daimler has filed a patent for a strange vehicle with a trailer-based range extender. The vehicle itself is a three-wheeled pedal-assist vehicle with a 250W electric motor providing assistance. It's got two front wheels and one in the rear, and is driven by pedaling with the support of a motor.

The trailer has two wheels and houses a second 15kW electric motor, i.e. more powerful than the first one, with its own power supply. The trailer docks onto the rear of the vehicle, turning it into a four-wheeled vehicle. The rear third wheel no longer touches the ground, instead it spins on a roller that is used to regulate the speed of the second motor.

Basically, this patent is for a three-wheeled pedal-powered vehicle that turns into a small electric four-wheeler.

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