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Thought I'd post my experience getting the 2 recalls (only software updates) fixed at my dealership. There was no other issue with my iX, so I made the appointment for 10:45 Friday morning and chose to wait for the car given the estimated repair time was 1 hour. I expected at least 2 hours, however.

I arrived by 10:15 am and got checked in with a service advisor.

Around 11:30 I was told the update had started. Alas, my update failed 3 times over the course of the next few hours.

The iX service tech met with me...learned much more from him. In short, the dealership has to send your vehicle's info to some BMW forum in New Jersey for authorization to make repairs/software updates. Although the forum is supposed to reply (for iX inquiries) within 30 minutes, my tech had to wait 2 to 3 hours for replies. Even then, my software updates for the airbag recall kept failing. (The Valet Mode update worked the first time.)

At 6 pm on Friday I got a loaner.

Monday was even more obnoxious. My service tech was told the New Jersey forum was swamped with work and had a 2-day backlog of work authorizations. There were no attempts to upload new software on Monday.

Around noon on Tuesday my service tech said the NJ forum (not sure what to call them) would remotely update my iX software. He wasn't sure when that would occur or how long it would take, so we agreed I would pick up my iX Wednesday morning.

I checked with him Wednesday morning, and indeed my 2 safety recalls were fixed with new software updates.

I picked up my iX at 10:30 am on Wednesday...5 days (3 business days) after I brought it in.

I'm trying not to laugh.

Has anyone had better experience?
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