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Do I really need a charging wall box?

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Other than upgrading the charge from 40Amp to 48Amp, is there a reason to install a charging wall box inside my garage instead of using the factory supplied charger with the NEMA 14-50 adapter? I do have a dedicated 240V line installed.
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No other than you will be putting daily wear and tear on your mobile option and you would be inconvenienced by having to unplug and pack it up every time you wanted to take it with you and if you fo rgot it one day and needed it you’d be bummed.
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I am currently using the factory supplied charger, though I am looking into getting a wall box. I am looking into it for convenience, I have time of use tariffs and should only charge between midnight and 3pm. I can configure the BMW to charge within that time window, but then I forget to disable it when I am at a public charger or at work, and end up returning to an uncharged car.
Having a wall box at home would allow me to set the charging time window on the wall box and I can leave the car set to charge immediately.
You're better off keeping the mobile charger in your subtrunk at all times when you are on the road, and buying a wall mounted charger for home (even a 40A).
You never know when you are on the road and need an L2 charge.
I once parked at a hotel that advertised EV charging but when I got there it turned out they were just plugging your mobile charger into their outlet.
If I didn't have my mobile charger with me, I'd have been out of luck.

There are federal deductions for the charger, plus many states and/or electric providers provide incentives so the price in reality should be well below sticker price.
In addition to time-of-use rates mentioned above, check with your electric provider as some chargers can communicate usage stats back to provider where they give you a discount for only the kW used by the EV charger at certain hours.
It's really a drop in the bucket compared to the price of this car.
Hi, Plony. I got a Mustang Mach-E (first EV for us) last July and it came with a mobile charger. At the same time, I purchased a Grizz-le wall charger. We have a 240V outlet in our garage and I have only used the Ford Mobile charger up until Monday. On Monday, we got the iX. Now, I use the BMW charger because it is thicker and provides more kWh. I ask myself why did I even bother buying the aftermarket charger. If you are like most people, you will only charge at home. If you are taking the iX on a long road trip, you are going to plan ahead and find EA charging stations (especially with two free years). EA has its own charging equipment. If you are thinking about charging at your destination, then I get it. But, unless you are going on a road trip a few times a month, you can handle unplugging the charger off of the wall and putting it in your car. Unless you are an absolute imbecile or you drive 200+ miles a day, you should never be in a position that you will need to use your BMW charger somewhere other than home. The only other caveat is if you owned a second residence or something where you go a few times a month out in the country. Then, maybe you leave the mobile charger there and install a wall charger at home. I suggest you save the $400-600 and see how many times you wish you had a wall charger. Also, by then, there will be more options and some will be cheaper.
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Thank you all for your input, which include some very good arguments. In my circumstances, using the BMW mobile charger, at least initially, seems to make sense.
i receive a JuiceBox for free from my electric company in Northern California. I hooked it up tonight in anticipation of my delivery in the next week or so. Super easy and great app on the iPhone.
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What I did just use the flexible and mount it on the wall with this :D

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