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Hey everyone!
Does iX not have Congestion Assistant?
On iX3, when I driving on a closed road (e.g. motorway, city expressway). When the driving assistance system has been started , if the set cruising speed is no less than 60km/h, but the actual driving speed is less than 60km/h, the system will prompt ASISST Plus Ready. At this time, click the MODE key on the steering wheel, and the two LED on the steering wheel will light up green. Which means I can completely free my hands. Once the speed returns to above 60, the system will prompt me to take over the vehicle.
However, I haven't seen such a function on iX, may I ask if you have the same problem? I think this is a big software oversight by BMW.
It is in the manual - but it does not show up on my UK vehicle

Turning Assisted Driving Plus on/off
1. Press the button.
2. "Driver assistance"
3. "Driving"
4. "Assisted Driving"
5. "Assisted Driving Plus"
Assisted Driving Plus is automatically offered
when Assisted Driving is active and all functional
requirements for Assisted Driving Plus are met.
Two green LEDs are illuminated on the steering
The indicator light is shown in green in the instrument
The system starts to assist the driver with the
vehicle control.
Displays in the instrument cluster
Icon Description
Green indicator light: the system is active.
White indicator light: the system is
Displays on the steering wheel
The two LEDs above the keypads are illuminated
Green in the same way as the displays in the instrument
1 - 1 of 14 Posts