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Seeing the growing demand of 2022 iX 50i vehicles in these crazy times of high gas prices.
I've compiled a list to help the community.
I tried to make it easy to sort it by the highest number of packages, to the least
Please feel free to reach out to me by Private Message, or my Instagram link in my signature


IDStateMark Up?STATUSColorInteriorZMB/ZSP (iSignature Blue/Sport Package)ZDH (Dynamic Handling)ZLX (Luxury)ZCV/ZPP (Convenience /Premium Package)Wheels453 (Ventilated Seats)4HC (Radiant Heat)ZDY/ 5AU (Driving Assist5AZ (Laser Lights)6F1 (Bowers)3L7 Titanium BronzeNumber of Packages
45NJ10,000.00193Phytonic BlueAmido PreforatedZSPZDHZLXZPP1LB4534HC5AU5AZ6F13L711
58ILTBD most likely localIn TransitBlack SapphireAmido PreforatedZSPZDHZLXZPP1LG4534HC5AU5AZ6F13L711
36CA995.004Phytonic BlueCastanea ChestnutZSPZDHZLXZPP1LB4534HC5AU5AZ6F110
37MA2,500.00155Black SapphireAmido PreforatedZSPZDHZLXZPP1LD4534HC5AU5AZ6F110
40MANo out of State + 15kAt DealerAventurin RedAmido PreforatedZSPZDHZLXZPPTBD4534HC5AU5AZ3L710
55ILTBD most likely localIn TransitPhytonic BlueCastanea ChestnutZSPZDHZLXZPP1LG4534HC5AU5AZ3L710
14IA5,000.00150Alpine WhiteMocha PreforatedZSPZPP1LK4534HC5AU5AZ6F18
20NYMSRP4Aventurin RedBlack SensatecZSPZDHZLXZCV1LG4535AZ3L78
51CA2,500.00At VPCAlpine WhiteAmido PreforatedZSPZDHZLXZPP224534HC6F18
59PAMSRPIn TransitDark GraphiteStonegray MicrofiberZSPZDHZLXZPP1LB4HC5AU5AZ8
7VATBD155Dark Graphite Oyster PreforatedZDHZLXAPP1LP4HC5AZ6
18NJ15,000.004Black SapphireMocha PreforatedZSPZDHZLXZCV1LG4HC6
42ORTBD150Mineral WhiteStonegray MicrofiberZSPZDHZCV1LH4HC5AU6
43CAOrange, LA County only MSRP193Alpine WhiteBlack SensatecZSPZDHZCV1LD4HC5AZ6
44CAOrange, LA County only MSRP155Alpine WhiteBlack SensatecZSPZDHZCV1LD4HC5AZ6
50CATBDAt VPCAventurin RedStonegray MicrofiberZSPZDHZPP1LD5AU5AZ6
56ILTBD most likely localIn TransitAlpine WhiteAmido PreforatedZDHZLXZPP1LP4HC5AZ6
57ILTBD most likely localIn TransitBlack SapphireBlack SensatecZBMZDHZPP1LP4HC5AU6
10CTTBD4Storm Bay Black SensatecZSPZDHZCV1LG5AZ5
12GALocal +5k outstate\At DealerAlpine WhiteMocha PreforatedZDHZCV1LP4HC5AZ5
52CA2,500.00At VPCBlack SapphireBlack SensatecZSPZDHZLXZPP215
25NYTBD4Dark Graphite Stonegray MicrofiberZMBZDHZCV1LK4
35NJTBDVPCBlue Ridge MountainBlack SensatecZSPZDHZCV1LD4
53CA2,500.00At VPCDark GraphiteBlack SensatecZSPZLXZPP204
15NJTBD150Mineral WhiteCastanea Chestnut1LG4534HC3
24PATBDAt DealerDark Graphite Stonegray MicrofiberZDHZPP1LP3
28NYTBD150Alpine WhiteMocha PreforatedZSPZCV1LG3
46ILTBD150Alpine WhiteMocha PreforatedZSPZCV1LG3
8VATBDIn TransitDark Graphite Oyster PreforatedZDH1LP2
13NYTBDVPCDark Graphite Black SensatecZDH1LP2
47NYTBDAt VPCDark GraphiteBlack SensatecZDH1LP2
48CATBDIn TransitDark GraphiteStonegray MicrofiberZDH1LP2
4NHTBD4Dark Graphite Oyster Preforated1LP1
39VTMSRP193Phytonic BlueBlack SensatecZDH1
54CA2,500.00At VPCBlack SapphireStonegray Microfiber201

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