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Received my iX50 in Feb 2022. Absolutely love it (quite the jump from my 2017 i3), but it’s had this problem since delivery :

The heads-up display will show the correct way to go around a roundabout when showing an advanced distance indication (eg :1/4 mile) but when it gets to the execution distance the roundabout graphic suddenly switches to European/US mode (indicates to drive right around the roundabout instead of left.. ie: the wrong side of the road).

Took it back to the dealership workshop, and they contacted BMW who said they’d never seen that issue. The mechanic took out another new iX50 they had in the show room to test and it had the exact same problem. This was raised with BMW Technical in May and still no word on a fix.

My car was recalled in April for the airbag software related fix, but besides that there’s been no other issues.

Anyone else experienced this?

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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