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It’s an awesome car, the ride, comfort, performance and cabin have all exceeded my expectations. I’ve experienced a few of the tech issues others have reported, but all look to have been software issues that have been resolved with updates.
Range is as expected. Around town/ commuter driving I am averaging around 3miles per KWh, so 300+ range. On a motorway drive I get around 320 to 350 mile range ( depending on speed). Everyone who has seen the car or been in it have also been really impressed.
The iDrive does take a little while to get used to, but I have now got it set up as I want, short cuts etc. The ‘Hey BMW’ is a very useful feature.
I’m still working through all the driving aids, but the adaptive cruise control makes motorway driving very relaxing.
It’s probably the best car I’ve had to date ( previous vehicles have included 330coupes, M3s, 535d 535GTs, 530e E350 ) this car blows them all away. The acceleration is awesome.
And I do like the looks, I think the front grill is a real statement.
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