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Hi, below are my charge history. DC LVL3 charge visited was 2 days prior the message popped.

LVL3 Nov 14 1:00am 57.7kwh
LVL2 Nov 12 5:45pm 43kwh
LVL2 Nov 12 4:00am 27.37kwh
LVL2 Nov 11 12:24am 45.18kwh
Nov 11 12:17am Tried to charge but saw error Message popped up. Continued to charge after drive it outside for few minutes.
LVL2 Nov 10 12:32am 29.3kwh
LVL3 Nov 09 11:29am 54.5kwh
LVL2 Nov 07 Picked up the car, dealer charged it to 100%
You may need to replace the cooling system. I saw a post from FB or somewhere, the other ixer popped out the message after Dc charging. In the end , the cooling pump was replaced by dealership.
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