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iX xDrive40 Real World Range

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Hi everyone.

My i20 iX Xdrive40 is being built this week in Dingolfing.

I wonder what real-world range existing owners are experiencing ?

Having test driven one for a good few hours it looked to me like it was going to be a bit less than 200 miles (I know temperature can make a big difference - I am in the UK).

On that test drive we went to the Braintree Supercharger centre and plugged into a 350Kw charger and was lucky to get 58kw/hr !
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Here you have my best range so far (at least on the app).
iX40 1700 km. AC always on, casual driving and B mode.
@Enrizinox Impressive. What kind of speeds were you doing on average over the 1700km?
1000 km on Italian highway at 120-130 km/h.
The remaining 700 km mixed roads at avg 50 km/h.
@Enrizinox Amazing. I think I might get over 550km out of mine when it arrives as my trips in London have average speed of 20km/h
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Just picked up my ix40 on Monday. Did a 29 mile drive today, and struggled to achieve 2.6 miles per kWh.

That's in efficient mode, sometimes using B, sometimes D with adaptive regen. Local roads so between 20-45mph with some stop start traffic. It was raining and about 14C (57F) outside. I had climate on with heated seats.

I've got the 22 inch wheels. Do these cars need to settle in first before they find their efficiency? Is constant cruising at motorway speeds where they are most efficient then?

Based upon this first journey, range would be 185 miles and it's not even depths of winter yet!
Hi, I have just driven home from work in an iX40 sport on 22” wheels. , raining hard, 8 degrees C and congested roads (30 miles took 80 minutes including 20 minutes at a temp light jam). Driving was mixed town and some motorway/A roads, but heavy traffic meant 50mph was rare.
i had climate on, normal (not eco) mode and all driving in B. Lights and wipers on, so essentially a lot of ancillary power use.
The efficiency improved over the journey and was 3.0 when I got home.
I did a 1000 mile road trip for a week in the lakr district 2 weeks ago with 10 to 14 degree temperatures, but the worst storms of the year on the trip there and back a few days later. I averaged 3.2 miles per kwh on that trip.
I notice the range predictor starts by looking optimistic, looking at a more than 1% fall in less than 2 miles covered, but then it evens out and by around 30% range left it matches the typical 3.1 to 3.2 mpkwh I have been averaging.
That is my experience, but there does seem a lot of variation. I don’t know whether the cars have different battery manufacturers or are all the same provider, which could explain a difference. It might just be driving style, but my experience has been consistent with minimal falls in efficiency as temperatures have fallen from the summer highs.
hope this helps?
@Maverlk Thank You so much for giving a detailed reply. It was your posts and other people's posts that reassured me when I was considering whether to order the iX! Yes, it may be that the batteries themselves vary despite all being labelled as the same capacity. I might also try keeping the car in B mode all the time, like you do, and see if that makes a difference.

I can normally eke out more than the range in the brochure of most EVs, especially since most of my driving is around the city. I assumed I could do the same with the iX. The car said the tyre pressures are ok, but I will double check tomorrow using my tyre monitor.

I have a 150 mile motorway trip on Friday. Maybe the car needs to accumulate some miles in order for the car's computer and efficiency to optimise? I just test drove a Lucid Air in California which has a range of 516 miles but no idea when that's launching in the UK next year. It's also going to be double the price of the iX 40!

Part of the reason I went for the iX was how it drove, but also it was pretty much the quickest car to get from the factory out of most EVs, when most manufacturers were telling me their EVs would take 6-12 months (or even 2 years!) at minimum to arrive. Fingers crossed my iX ends up returning similar consumption like you and others are getting.
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Wondering what you’re usage is looking like these days?
@ObsWlkr It's showing 195 miles estimated range at 100% this morning. That's because I've been doing short trips of 1-3 miles this week with heating on.

My best has been 220 miles during the winter when I've done longer drives at steady speeds.
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