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iX xDrive40 Real World Range

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Hi everyone.

My i20 iX Xdrive40 is being built this week in Dingolfing.

I wonder what real-world range existing owners are experiencing ?

Having test driven one for a good few hours it looked to me like it was going to be a bit less than 200 miles (I know temperature can make a big difference - I am in the UK).

On that test drive we went to the Braintree Supercharger centre and plugged into a 350Kw charger and was lucky to get 58kw/hr !
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I’m also suffering from poor range. Based in the UK with temps around 5-10c, I cannot get above 1.5m/kw. On a full charge car is showing I have 175 miles but only manage to get 120-130 out of it. I have a car with 22” wheels and full tech pack. Mostly drive in B mode in the city. This range does not make sense. My i3s was much better. i just got the car back from service after a recall update. I asked BMW to check the car. They claim nothing wrong with the car and suggested I pre condition the car every morning. After speaking directly to the technician, he told me that he has noticed that the m40’s drain a lot faster than the m50’s but can’t work out why. Anyone else getting really poor range?
I’m getting the same average of 50+ kWh/100 miles for the last 3 months. Something is draining the battery.

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