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Hi all, a first time EV car owner here and decided to go with the iX40 as that was the only model available here in my country.

Right after I collected the car, I couldn't stand the look of the stock wheels although it came with the 22' option.

So after I dropped the car off my go to guy for windows tint, ceramic coating and PPF, I called my tire guy and after a short discussion I decided to go with the HRE FF10 wheels in liquid metal and 285/40/22 Michelin Pilot Sport SUV tires.

Never been happier! It is the perfect daily drive for urban commuting. As a matter of fact, I liked the car so much I placed an order for another M60 because the iX40 speed limit was set at 200 km/h so this iX40 will go to my wife then the M60 arrives.

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I'm a huge wheels guy...and those are awesome! Might think about something like that for my iX50...Thanks.
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