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Lotus Type 132 designs revealed by Australia's IP office

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Lotus announced back in February that they'd be pulling the wraps off an all-electric SUV codenamed Type 132 in late March (I've seen Mar 29 listed, but I'm not certain about that date), with production to start in Wuhan City, China in the forth quarter of this year.

Well the Australian IP office has given us a sneak peak by releasing these design renders which mach up nicely to the teasers Lotus has shown already.

The vehicle looks very long to my eye, but it could be that it's just lower than more upright vehicles like the iX. For sure, it's a premium entry that will go toe-to-toe with the iX and upcoming MB EQS SUV.

What do we all think of the looks? And also, what kind of engineering tricks would you expect to see for Lotus to justify putting their name behind an electric SUV, of all things?

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This might just be me but the front of the Type 132 kind of reminds me of the back of the Evija.

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