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My husband and I pre-ordered two 2022 BMW iX xDrive50's in Aug. 2021. I have owned a 2012 X5 and now lease a 2020 X5. I had decided to lease from now on, but it makes much better financial sense to buy the iX outright, so that is what I have planned. I was told that my color choice requires additional build time (10 weeks). That will work out just fine with my lease expiration. BMW Financial told me that they will extend my lease also if necessary. So all is well. I had planned on changing to a 2022 BMW X6. Then I started looking at EV's. I remembered the iX when it was a concept vehicle, and the rest is history. My husband had a 2012 Audi A6 Prestige, but joined me in the BMW family in 2019 with a X3 M40i. My iX will be Aventurine Red and my husband's will be Phytonic Blue, both will have the Sport packages. We have hardwired two Level 2 ChargePoint chargers in our garage. Now, we are waiting to receive notification of our build slots.
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