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New stop sale?

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Just got an email from SA saying that the iX I was picking up on Tuesday has a new stop sale for an airbag recall? This wasn't there when it arrived earlier in week and isn't showing up on the BMW VIN, so wondering if there is new action on the horizon. Anyone else have info on this?
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2.5K. Delivery will be next month
VDC = Vehicle Distribution Center
Where are you located?
I got a call from my car dealer today. He told me they still have no estimated time when the bags will be delivered and installed in the cars at the CA processing center. He offered me a $1,000 discount to compensate me for the delay. Still frustrating not knowing.
Where is your dealer located? I haven't heard from mine yet.
Denver area
I am in northern California. The lack of info here is unbelievable.
Elon pisses me off to no end, but the recent Model X price reductions have made it quite tempting!!
I owned a Model s for 8 years and sold it to buy the BMW. I may go back and buy another S or Y. My S was the best car I have ever owned. My IX was built and then sat at the port in Germany for 30 days. 30 days shipping time and another 3 weeks so far at the VDC and no news from BMW. Terrible way to buy a car.
Received the call on Friday that my iX (50) and my dad’s iX (M60) had the airbag repairs completed; we were able to take delivery on Friday night. I was thinking of switching to a different 50 but they only had airbags for the cars that were already sold/had a deposit on them at the dealer. Sounds like parts are slowly coming in. My dealer is in Torrance, CA.
Congrats. Sounds like the dealers are getting bags before the VDC. I am stuck at the VDC.
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Looking at Tesla inventory cars now. My BMW was built 90 days ago. Crazy process.
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