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Got my ixDrive 40 yesterday. Every time I start I’m promted to choose BMW ID, either my own or ”Guest”. Cant figure out how to avoid that. My sales rep is clueless :)
Any suggestions welcome !
Have you set up your BMW connected drive and the my BMW APP.

Look at page 78 of the online manual

BMW ID/driver profiles
In ConnectedDrive countries, the BMW ID is the
personal login for all relevant offers for the BMW
brand. The BMW ID can be used in the vehicle to
store personal vehicle settings.
In non-ConnectedDrive countries, the personal
vehicle settings can be stored in driver profiles.
When a person logs in with their BMW ID or the
driver profile in the vehicle, the stored settings
are activated.
The BMW ID can be created in the vehicle, via
the BMW app, in the ConnectedDrive portal and
at the Service Partner. A driver profile is created
in the vehicle.
If a vehicle is used by multiple persons, each person
can activate their own personal settings via
the BMW ID or via the driver profile.
Many of the settings that are stored for a BMW
ID in the vehicle can be synchronised with the
BMW Cloud. This makes these settings available
in any vehicle where the same BMW ID is used
to log in.
The vehicle can store seven BMW IDs or seven
driver profiles.
If a login using the BMW ID does not occur and
no driver profile is activated, the vehicle is in the
guest profile.
The login with the BMW ID or the activation of
the driver profile can already occur during unlocking.
For this purpose, the driver recognition
via a vehicle key or a digital key must be assigned
to the BMW ID or the driver profile.
Operating requirements
When a BMW ID or driver profile is created,
changed, deleted or edited, the vehicle must
move at a maximum of walking speed.
The login in the vehicle with a BMW ID and synchronisation
with the BMW Cloud are only possible
when the vehicle has cellular network reception.
Welcome window
After unlocking the vehicle, a Welcome window
is shown on the control display. The type of the
welcome depends on the following prerequisite:
▷ The vehicle does not have a stored BMW ID
or driver profile:
The welcome is neutral. An option to add a
BMW ID or create a driver profile is offered.
▷ The vehicle key or the digital key has not
been assigned to a BMW ID or a driver profile:
The welcome is neutral. The stored BMW IDs
or the stored driver profiles are offered for selection.
Additionally, it is possible to add a
new BMW ID or create a new driver profile.
▷ The vehicle key or the digital key could be assigned
to a BMW ID or a driver profile:
The welcome is personalised, the stored settings
are activated. The BMW ID or the driver
profile can be changed.
As soon as the drive-ready state is turned on or
the control display is tapped outside of the welcome
window, the welcome will be hidden.
Creating a BMW ID
A new BMW ID must be created in the vehicle.
1. Tap the icon or personal picture in the
status bar.
2. "Add BMW ID"
3. "Register now"
4. Scan the QR code shown in the display. The
BMW ID is created on the

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Thanks for the reply !
Yes my BMW ID/driver profile and app etc was setup.
The only missing thing was the "driver detection" of my profile which was undefined :)
So I followed the instruction in the manual where you pointed to, changed the Settings of my driver profile and added a PIN code and the car key. So now the car can recognise me and everything works perfect !
Makes sense if you think about it :)
Your answer was a great help.

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Have only done 13 km home from the dealer yet, so early days. But I'm happy so far. Spending some time trying to learn all functions which is a huge task. One thing I miss i the possibility to extend the seat for long legs.
Heads-up display is a positive surprise, didn't have that on my previous car.
Colors : went for grey/black with bronze trim. Sophistogrey Brilliant exterior and Atelier black interior. Summer wheels are all black, the picture show the winter wheels, more traditional.
I find the front grill better IRL than what most people write in social :)
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