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Range iX M50 Sport 22" Wheels

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Efficient driving mode selected

Mixture of motorway (80%) Town (20%)

70mph on Motorway with adaptive cruise control.

A/C at 18'c

Android Auto playing tunes

Estimated range 353 miles

Happy with that.
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Can you please share something else that is worth mentioning. Probably some tips for the buyers?
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It's bigger in person than I imagined.
It is extremely comfortable to drive and also for the passengers in the front or rear.
The B&W sound system is absolutely amazing quality. The speakers built into the seats produce a vibe that I've never experienced before 🤣🤣.

I don't want to criticise anything just yet because I'm still learning the controls and short cuts. A good example of this is the Driver Record (4 camera dash cam function) . Initially I was search in the apps then selecting and activating. All this takes time and your eye off the road. But there is a short cut . Push and hold the P📷 button for 2 seconds in the centre console and automatic manual recording starts.

I thought gesture control was a gimmick but having to clean the finger prints off the main screen gestures control is actually quite cool and clean.

The power / torque is instant if you need it, even in personal/ efficient mode.

The heads up display is easily visible in bright sunlight.

The night time illumination within the vehicle makes it look really futuristic and top sec.

Some reviews faulted the steering wheel but I have no issues whatsoever.

I'm happy I cancelled the i4m50 and paid the extra for this beast.
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Hello, I ordered a M60 with 22 inch wheels.

How is the ride quality?

I did not elect to get the driver assistance package. Do you have it and does it have value?

There is still time for me to change my order.
The ride quality is extremely comfortable bur you can tell a difference when you switch to sport mode and everything stiffens up.

In the UK at time of ordering I was able to order the following packs

22" 1020 Style Bi-colour Aero Alloy Wheels (S01LD)
Black Sapphire (P0475)
Sun Protection Glass (S0420)
Technology Plus Pack (S0Z0T)
Visibility Pack (S0Z0C)
Comfort Pack Pro

At the moment in the UK the Packs are not available but BMW appear to have grouped many of the items together and I'm almost certain this is down to component shortages.

I find the driver assistance function an asset and would certainly miss it if it wasn't there.
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The M60 will probably be quite uniqe by itself because of is performance. The 40’s and 50’s however would probably be a bit harder to sell on the second hand market without the driver assistant package. There is a lot of “buzz” about those self driving and assistant functions and in a few years they will be more of a norm then an addition. Besides this, i would also miss the functionality of the driving assistans.
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