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Rear Mounted Bike Racks for iX

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Hi all

I'm UK based, new to this forum and have just received my iX - it's a great car.

I occasionally want to transport bikes so just want a rear mounted bike rack (not least as they are far easier to store). Has anyone looked into this yet? In general, rear mounted ones fit estates / SUVs but none appear to have updated their car fit selectors for the iX (and not much point proxying with the X5 as that has a split tailgate). I don't want a hitch / tailgate fitting bike rack given the sheer size to store and expense for infrequent use. The Thule racks explicitly fit the X3 and some places say the Saris Bones racks fit the widest vehicles including the X5. Has anyone had any experience of this yet?

Many thanks

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I was quoted the X3 one as being compatible over £400 plus another £100 for UK legal lighting
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I was quoted the X3 one as being compatible over £400 plus another £100 for UK legal lighting View attachment 1343
Thanks - although this is a hitch-mounted one (sits on the tailgate), rather than a strap-based rear mounted one (which aren't BMW parts as they only offer the hitch mounting). This is an example: Thule OutWay Hanging 2 | Thule | United Kingdom.

Many thanks

I think I will look at all options I liked the fact that the BMW one folded down so you could still open the tailgate, perhaps they all do
It's only the hitch mounted ones which fold down I think. I have a hitch in my other car and use a bike rack on that, and the hitch mounted ones are excellent.
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