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Replaced my 745Le xDrive with iX xDrive40 M

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I bought 745e saying well it will the best of both world, but it just made me wanting a total EV more as I found this car is the worse of both world lol, as the EV range of the 745Le xdrive, best I could reach is 20miles on perfect temperature. And what also disappointing its petrol tank is small for the engine. I reach combined range around 268miles with full tank and battery. I was looking foreword for i7, but man outside design is so hideous with separate lights should be called BMW cactus (citroen c4 cactus) , so decided to check the iX again which previously I did not consider it saying will get i7. I went to test drive ix40m, though was saying it will not beat-up the luxury and the ride quality of 745Le. I was so surprised the ride quality is superb though it does not have air suspension, but I did not notice a huge difference in comparison to my 7 series, quality of the cabin also no difference from the 7, the acceleration is astonishing my 7 series suppose it would do 0-62miles in 5.1seconds while the ix 40 6.1seconds, but due to instant power I find the ix faster, as it respond instantly while I find the 7 taking its time in comparison to ix even with e boost, so ix 40 acceleration more satisfying. I have rear wheel steering in my 7, but not huge difference not having it in the ix40. All in all I am more happy with the ix 40m. I did not go for the ix50 as I just replaced a nearly new few months old 745Le with ix and the Mrs would be more angry for spending more money on replacing the recently bought car. ix40m will keep me going till the facelift ix or a better looking i7 introduced.
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