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Shifting into gear from park does not require sufficient brake pedal application

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I've done this a couple of times and it was scary. I was parked, started the car, put my foot on the brake, and shifted into reverse gear. The car immediately moves backwards. Apparently I was not pressing on the brake hard enough, but the car doesn't warn me about that - it just starts moving. If there was a person behind me I would've hit them.

Anyone else experienced this before?
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I typically just put my foot on the brake, shift to R, then slowly let off the brake...
You should alway press the brake pedal sufficiently regardless which car you are in. Are you wanting the car to tell you 'Press the brakes harder'?
Curious to see if anyone else has had this issue.
^ This. Pressing the brake should prevent the car moving, regardless of which gear you're in. And modern brakes are designed to overcome engine power - i.e., if the brake is fully depressed, the car shouldn't move even if the accelerator is fully depressed. If it does something else, time for a dealer visit.
I think I wasn't being clear. I'm not talking about spontaneous acceleration or anything like that.

My foot was ON the brake. You know how, when you are pressing the brake but not hard enough, the car still creeps? "Fully depressing" the brake in this car requires a lot of force; I was pressing it, just not hard enough. I'm not talking about overcoming the engine power.

So the behavior of the car is:
- If foot NOT on brake, shift gear to R --> does nothing, gives a warning (CORRECT)
- If foot ON the brake, say >20%, shift gear to R --> car shifts to R and stays stationary (CORRECT)
- If foot ON the brake, but < 20%, shift gear to R --> car shifts to R anyway and IMMEDIATELY starts creeping backwards (INCORRECT; it should prevent shifting, or at creep with a delay)
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