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Shy tech - autonomous driving is sweet

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Just completed 700 miles in our ix. Had a swathe of BMW’s over the years, 5 series galore and an i3 and am seriously loving the tech in this car… the active cruise, coupled with self steering is amazing… Town driving and adaptive braking is just so cool… lastly, the augmented Sat Nav is just another level…
Getting the charging up and running too has enabled us to finally increase the range too, albeit the weather is rubbish at , wet and cold, lights, heating etc… on 24/7 at the moment….
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I am looking for somehow getting a honest opinion! I am looking at a 2019 X5 with the 3 l x Drive to purchase. Are there any reliability issues with these vehicles with the b-58 engine later on in time as the vehicle ages? How about the electronics?
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