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Suddenly, CarPlay blocks native Nav app

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For the first month, I had my phone connected with Apple CarPlay, but I used the native NAV app in the BMW. When I pushed the NAV button on the console, it brought up the native BMW app. As of a few days ago, if I am connected via CarPlay, I can ONLY use Nav from the phone apps and cannot access the native app.

  • Did I change some setting?
  • Was there a software update?
  • Could it be from an iOS update on the phone?

This is a real bummer, as I really like the native car Nav, but still like to use Siri to send and read messages and so forth.

(And yes, I am certain I used CarPlay and the native BMW Nav at the same time previously; I was not confused. Before, If I DID start a navigation from a phone app, THEN it would default to that on the car, but now it defaults to it even with no active Nav running. I even killed all of the apps such that there were no active apps on the phone.)
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I switch back and forth between CarPlay and the BMW native nav all the time. I can’t quite figure out how to consistently toggle but if I close out Waze or Apple Maps completely on iPhone then it returns back to the BMW native map.
Please try again and see if you still can no am hoping this a setting or something. I might even kill Apple Maps on the phone.
For sure if you kill Apple Maps it will revert back to BMW Nav. But sometimes, just stopping navigation on Apple Maps will restore BMW Nav.

I do like BMW maps for the following reasons:

1) AR view is nice. Arrows are helpful when driving in an unfamiliar area
2) Automatic lane changes only work with BMW Nav. Not critical, but it's pretty cool when it works.
3) Pre-condition the battery before arriving at DCFC stations

I use BMW Nav for about 15% of the time, otherwise, for 80% of cases, I use Apple Maps. It's too convenient to just click on an address in Yelp and have Apple Maps start routing when I get to my car.

Then for the remaining 5% of cases, when I'm running late and absolutely, positively must avoid traffic, I use Waze. In the the recent months I've found Apple Maps to be very close Waze when I've compared the routing.

Ironically since I've purchased my iX three months ago, I enjoy using the DAPP to drive me, and just kicking back and listening to music and podcasts in the comfortable seats. The 5 minutes that Waze saves me isn't work 5 minute less enjoying the wonderful iX!
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