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Tolltag Placement??

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Does anyone have any advice on Toll Tag placement? The thermal windshield does not allow it to read the tag. The garage door opener is also spotty, but I can get it to work most of the time. I’ve had the iX for about a month and other than this issue (and the back windows not going all the way down) I love it. I currently have the tag under the rear view mirror - see pic. I hate to put the front plate on the grill (with a plate tag) so any alternatives are appreciated!
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I saw on a YouTube video that there was spots to the left and right of the sensor and mirror that didn’t have the coating to allow for toll passes or garage opener. I don’t have mine yet to say for sure.
Never got this to work with my 407etr (Canadian ezpass) transponder in my 2020 Merc GLE w/ heated windshield. Tried all the special areas (you can seem them with the right lighting) - never better than 1 or 2 out of 10 so I called the toll company.

They (407etr) have an exemption for vehicles w/ a "metalized windshield" - when applied to your account it essentially ignores the transponder and waives the camera fees. Hope this helps.
Next to the rear view mirror works in the UK
I have the ez-pass sensor at the absolute top of the windshield on the right of the sensor cluster. Any further down, it was not being read at the toll booth.
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