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Sure thing.
I will preface by saying I come from 4 years with a Tesla Model 3

Direct comparison as an owner
  • Highway noise level difference is nothing short of astonishing. 75mph++ in iX is quieter than 50mph in Model 3
  • Suspension is amazing
  • Front & back seat space&comfort is worlds apart
  • Ventilated/massage seat & much better cooling in 90F+ heat than in Model 3
  • Same 0-60 as my Model 3 LR & handles very well, especially for size, with rear wheel steering
  • Actual dashboard + HUD is a welcome change
  • Highway assist features better than Autopilot with the phantom brakes, random speed blips, weird HOV behavior, unpredictable follow distance and erratic throttle-brake in stop&go traffic.
  • L2 charging has been great, will test out L3 on Electrify America this week.
  • L3 charging with Electrify America worked on my first try, though not plug&charge (had to use iPhone tap with EA card)
  • Efficiency is incredible, it meets or beats its rated mileage range for me most of the time - getting ~360mi highway range
  • Parking cameras & 3D view are awesome in underground parking, home garage, and entry to narrow driveways
Driving assist pro deserves it's own comparison to my Autopilot experience here
  • No phantom braking
  • Less "hesitation"
  • More consistent following distances
  • Smoother acceleration & braking
  • MUCH better creeping & coasting in slow stop&go traffic
  • Lane changes worked well
  • Better handling of lane width changes for things like HOV merge lanes
  • More pleasant "alert driver" noise when it wants your attention than Autopilot
  • I like that you can also take over steering and then hand it back to automatic control easily
  • Similar for accelerating through the speed management to pass an adjacent car, etc.. (Tesla would hard brake against you often as you let go of accelerator)
  • Hands free under 45mph is a nice novelty but not key
Things I'm still playing around with
  • Haven't tried CarPlay
  • Haven't tried parking assist or tweaked the parking modes
    • I don't really trust these generally... either too slow to be useful, or need to supervise so they don't curb
  • Takes getting used to the way the car accelerates for you when exiting parking spots
    • I do like it as comparison to Tesla where sometimes with one-pedal driving the parking felt finnicky
  • Unclear how to replicate the Tesla Sentry Mode experience if I need to wire in a battery-backed Dashcam
  • Debating mounting my radar detector or not
  • Have the roof rack rails & still need to install them (probably next week)
Things that haven't been as great
  • Not gotten digital key to work with iPhone 13, have tried about 4 times
  • Weird component protection error on first day that seems to have been related to sub-trunk hatch not being fully closed, dealer had no idea (and took 24 hours to return my call)
  • The charger finding experience in the BMW map is suboptimal if you come from Tesla
    • There's not a great map view where you can see all the chargers along the route and then re-route to / add as waypoint
    • I ended up with a sticky note of charger locations and then searching for them by name in GPS
    • You can see a list of chargers but its straight line distance sorted based on current location
      • This was great when it showed me a bunch of chargers on the other side of the Long Island Sound

Going on my first "road trip" of sorts and going to put on about 300mi of driving this weekend where L3 EA (and maybe EVgo) will be a necessity rather than an experiment.

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Road trip feedback:

  • Driving Assist Pro is fantastic, had maybe 3 disengagements in 7 hours of driving
    • by comparison a good Tesla Autopilot drive was probably 3 disengagements per hour
  • Range continues to impress - did about 350mi drive,
    • Started with 85% charge, +20min (+41%) charging on way back, got home at 17% (=109% battery)
    • On paper this is a 324mi range car so 109% is 353mi.. which is almost exactly what I drove
    • Note for ~2.5 hours, driving 80~85mph burning off range more quickly, still managed to achieve rating
    • At 75mph and below I exceed range
  • Charging UX in car is bad bad bad
    • I cannot find a good way to add a logical on-the-way charger as a waypoint
    • The charger list view is useless, and the map view shows even L2 chargers & gas stations..
  • EA charging experience so far has worked 100%
    • I just wish plug&charge worked or the EA app was better to make up for car UX
  • This is an extremely comfortable road tripping car
    • Great seats, little road noise even at speed, smooth suspension, great audio system, lots of leg room
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