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Tyres are an enigma for the bmw ix 40 sport 21’’

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I got my bmw ix on the 14th Jan and on the 16th got a puncture (drove 20miles!), I could not get a Bridgestone replacement from usual vendors and the car was recovered to BMW dealer on the 16th and is till there with no eta for the tyre, I was advised 7 days… but that was 14 days ago… should have stuck to our 5series touring…
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must have heard…. Car back today… be warned though, tyres, if you go for the Bridgestones (oem) you’ll be left waiting as supply trickles through… here’s to happier days… 56 miles on the clock…
Lastly, took a photo of ours (I was too tight to pay for anything bother than black paint) beside a ms sport version, thinking the 3k saving was a sensible choice…
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