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UK IX M60 order

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I ordered my IX M60 on April 2nd, with the dealer telling me it would be 1st qtr 2023 before I would take delivery.

I was originally told that BMW are handling all the slots for the M60, and they would confirm the order at the end of May.

It is now the middle of July, and the dealer has not heard anything from BMW, but its definitely not cancelled, and the M60 is now not even for sale, with the BMW website stating July 2023 delivery.

So the question I have is, Am I being given the run around, or are many other M60 orders in the same boat.

Many thanks
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I know this is an old thread, but after nearly 7 months of waiting my order has a build slot, and I should get my M60 early next year.

Its looking a little more likely I may now actually get one now.
Did you already receive your M60?
I just placed an Order and have a Feb 23 build slot and delivery March/April 23!
That worked for me as I just cancelled my M50 due to Front EDU Delivery Stop.
Oh wow!
Good luck - hope you get what you ordered. 👍🏻
Hmmm I still only have estimated build date - no confirmed build date!
Its a Lease but theyre asking the Dealer for an update!
Good luck with yours!!(y)
I am told everything I ordered is fitted to my car.
I pick it up on Thursday.

If you haven’t already, I’d ask for the VIN and go online to check the build sheet.
every standard item, option and pack will be listed.

Better to know before rather than after of any ‘hidden’ deletions / BMW shenanigans!

Good luck and what a great time of year to take delivery!
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Glad your builds sort of checked out and that the M60s aren’t being dumbed down under the covers.
Rats - wrong leather and pano roof … but I’d take it at a push!!
No confirmed build date for me .. estimated Feb - that’s looking we’ll dodgy now!
That’s good news - no delivery stops here.

I’d be interested to hear what your consumption numbers are now the weather isn’t so cold… without hyper-miling.

There’s a lot of conflicting data - some better than the IX50? Some similar and then some worse - which would be my obvious prediction but maybe it’s a complex relationship where different models have different efficiency sweet spots??
Still getting used to the car and can't resist being a bit heavy footed.
I would estimate that its about 250 miles on a charge at present.
On your new build, do you have the new “Battery Precondition for charging” button that’s been muted??
I see that the M60 price has gone up in the UK again - it was £116k at the end of last year, £119k as of the start of Jan, and is now showing as nearly £123k. Some of the options have had a ~10% price bump too.

I think the iX50 may have gone up as well as a fully spec'd one is now £123k.
Not sure if it’s worth that much extra? Going a mad TBH.
“Priced to the point of pain” - same selling model as used by the supermarkets now …. Or better known as gouging!!
On your new build, do you have the new “Battery Precondition for charging” button that’s been muted??
Also forgot to ask about Parking Pro manoeuvres from outside vehicle with iPhone??
This would be helpful in the supermarket car parks. 😉
I have not seen a button for this. Any ideas where to look?
Sorry I have no idea and I’m unfamiliar with iD8.
It was stated to be on March onwards vehicles so we may miss out if it’s hardware dependant - there’s a lot of rumour but not so much fact about the 2024 IX iDrive build hardware and software.
all the configurations I’ve seen are still showing ID8 for MY2024 - no 8.5 or 9?

this article is interesting but???
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