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Wheels Damaged

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I was parking in an unfamiliar garage last week and they had a weird curb along the inside of the entrance that I couldn't see out of the vehicle. I turned too tight and curbed both wheels on the right side, damaging the rims and one of the tires. Both are fully covered by my warranty, but I'm running into issues getting them replaced because the wheels don't exist and the tires don't exist (they're new Pirellis just for the iX).

Does anyone have any insights on how I should reach out to BMW to try to better / more expeditiously resolve this? I can't reasonably drive the car - at least with the tire in this state.
My purchasing dealership just pointed me to the warranty provider who pointed me to licensed shops they prefer, but the shops can't get the parts.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Synthetic rubber

(And yes, I realize I'm an idiot for damaging my brand new car :( please spare me the hate, I already pile enough on myself)
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Your alloys are not damaged just scratched no issue there with safety, if that nick in the rubber has not damaged the tyre reinforcement that tyre is not going to fail - I would be still driving it

Lucky you have warranty those wheels will be well over $600 I imagine, the 22" tyre if it is 22" is a very common tyre for SUV's in Europe at least
I imagine those are 21s, because those seems like those are really hard to replace and the most expensive. You may be better off getting a set of 20s for backup/winter.
I'm not concerned about the wheel failing, but about it not being pristine already. I want it to look as good as possible! In an ideal world I'd replace it with the bronze wheels that you can order for the M60, though it would annoy me that the in car renders would be wrong all the time.

These are the 22" tires. I'd prefer to get the exact same Pirellis if possible since I assume BMW chose them for a reason, and I don't know what compromises I'd be making with others. It's just a brand new tire for the iX, so that's why it's hard to replace.

I live in LA, so thankfully, there is really no need for a winter tire / wheel here.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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